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Senior US General warns China's military progress is "stunning" as US is hamper ...

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Senior US general warns China's military progress is 'stunning' as US is hampered by 'brutal' bureaucracy
By Alex Marquardt and Oren Liebermann, CNN
10月 29, 2021
(CNN) - In the wake of China's test of a hypersonic missile, the second most senior US general said Thursday that the pace at which China's military is developing capabilities is "stunning" while US development suffers from "brutal" bureaucracy.
The outgoing Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Hyten, echoed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's characterization of China as a "pacing threat" while calling Russia the most imminent threat.
"Calling China a pacing threat is a useful term because the pace at which China is moving is stunning," Hyten told reporters at a Defense Writers Group roundtable Thursday morning. "The pace they're moving and the trajectory they're on will surpass Russia and the United States if we don't do something to change it. It will happen. So I think we have to do something."
"It's not just the United States but the United States and our allies because that's the thing that really changes the game," Hyten added. "If it's the United States only, it's going to be problematic in five years. But if it's the United States and our allies I think we can be good for a while."
Hyten's comments come a week after a US hypersonic test failed and as tensions between the US and China remain high over the issue of Taiwan. He reiterated US concern voiced by his direct superior, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, about the recently reported Chinese hypersonic test which Milley called "very close" to a "Sputnik moment." 
When asked about the initial Financial Times report on the hypersonic test, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the August test was "a spacecraft, not a missile."
Hyten said his successor will need to focus on 'speed'
Hyten is set to retire next month and, in what will likely be some of his last public remarks as Vice Chairman, he encouraged his as-yet-unnamed successor "in everything that he touches to focus on speed and re-inserting speed back in the process of the Pentagon." Hyten previously served as commander of US Strategic Command, where he was in charge of the nation's nuclear stockpile and monitored strategic threats to the United States.
"Although we're making marginal progress, the Department of Defense is still unbelievably bureaucratic and slow," Hyten said. "We can go fast if we want to but the bureaucracy we put in place is just brutal."
Hyten declined to elaborate on what's known about China's hypersonic missile test over the summer, simply confirming that a test occurred and "it's very concerning." 
But he made clear that Russia is the most imminent threat to the US because of their more than 1500 deployed nuclear weapons, saying that China has roughly 20 percent of that.
The hypersonic and nuclear weapons China are building, Hyten said, are only partially to do with Taiwan. Rather, they're "meant for the United States of America."
"We have to assume that, and we have to plan for that, and we have to be ready for that, and that's the position they're putting us in with the weapons they're building."
Earlier on Thursday China reiterated its long-standing opposition to any official and military contact between the United States and Taiwan, responding to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's remarks during a CNN exclusive interview. Speaking with CNN Tuesday, Tsai became the first Taiwan leader in decades to confirm the presence of US troops on the island for training purposes and said the threat from Beijing is growing "every day."
"The Chinese military capabilities are much greater than that" single test, Milley told Bloomberg News. "They're expanding rapidly in space, in cyber and then in the traditional domains of land, sea and air."
US has carried nine hypersonic tests compared to 'hundreds' by China
Hyten pointed to the development of hypersonic weapons to highlight the stark difference in approaches by the US and China. He said the US has carried out nine hypersonic tests in around the last five years while the "Chinese have done hundreds."
"Single digits versus hundreds is not a good place," Hyten said. "Now it doesn't mean that we're not moving fast in the development process of hypersonics, what it does tell you is that our approach to development is fundamentally different."
By Alex Marquardt and Oren Liebermann, CNN  10月29,2021
Hyten also criticized the American attitude toward failure, arguing that it has curtailed development.
"We've decided that failure is bad," Hyten said. "Nope, failure is part of the learning process. And if you want to get back to speed, you better figure out how to put speed back into [sic] and that means taking risk and that means learning from failures and that means failing fast and moving fast."
A failed test of a hypersonic glide vehicle last week underscored Hyten's point. A rocket booster, used to accelerate a glide vehicle to hypersonic speeds, failed, the Pentagon said, and the rest of the test could not proceed. Officials have started a review of the test to find out why the rocket booster failed, and there is not currently a scheduled date for another test.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, meanwhile, has learned the lesson of failed tests to speed up development, Hyten argued.
Unlike Kim Jong Un's father, Hyten said, "He decided not to kill scientists and engineers when they failed, he decided to encourage it and let them learn by failing. And they did. So the 118th biggest economy in the world -- the 118th -- has built an ICBM nuclear capability because they test and fail and understand risk."
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Reply admin 2021-10-29 16:22
作者:Alex Marquardt 和 Oren Liebermann,CNN
2021 年 10 月 29 日
“将中国称为节奏威胁是一个有用的术语,因为中国的发展速度令人震惊,”海滕周四上午在国防作家组织圆桌会议上对记者说。 “如果我们不采取措施来改变它,他们前进的步伐和他们所走的轨迹将超过俄罗斯和美国。它会发生。所以我认为我们必须做点什么。”
“不仅仅是美国,还有美国和我们的盟友,因为那才是真正改变游戏规则的事情,”海顿补充道。 “如果只是美国,五年内就会有问题。但如果是美国和我们的盟友,我认为我们可以好一阵子。”
当被问及《金融时报》关于高超音速试验的最初报道时,中国外交部发言人赵立坚表示,8 月的试验是“航天器,而不是导弹”。
“虽然我们取得了微不足道的进展,但国防部的官僚主义和缓慢仍然令人难以置信,”海滕说。 “如果我们愿意,我们可以走得很快,但我们实施的官僚主义是残酷的。”
但他明确表示,俄罗斯是美国最紧迫的威胁,因为他们部署了 1500 多枚核武器,中国大约拥有其中的 20%。
“中国的军事能力远不止于此”,米利告诉彭博新闻社。 “它们正在太空、网络以及传统的陆地、海洋和空中领域迅速扩张。”
“个位数与数百个数字不是一个好地方,”海顿说。 “现在这并不意味着我们在高超音速的开发过程中没有快速前进,它确实告诉你的是我们的开发方法根本不同。”
作者:Alex Marquardt 和 Oren Liebermann,CNN 10 月 29 日,2021
“我们认为失败是不好的,”海顿说。 “不,失败是学习过程的一部分。如果你想恢复速度,你最好弄清楚如何将速度恢复到 [原文如此] 这意味着冒险,这意味着从失败中学习,这意味着快速失败并快速移动。”
上周对高超音速滑翔飞行器的一次失败测试强调了海顿的观点。 五角大楼表示,用于将滑翔飞行器加速到高超音速的火箭助推器失败了,其余的测试无法进行。 官员们已经开始对测试进行审查,以找出火箭助推器失败的原因,目前还没有安排另一次测试的日期。
与金正恩的父亲不同,海顿说,“他决定在科学家和工程师失败时不杀死他们,他决定鼓励他们,让他们从失败中学习。他们做到了。所以世界上第 118 大经济体——第 118 大经济体 - 已经建立了洲际弹道导弹核能力,因为他们测试并失败并了解风险。”
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